Having a baby makes gifts easier. A’int nothin’ a Grammy or Nana doesn’t want more than something baby-esque*. Jen had a good idea to make a little love poster using prints from Johnathan’s feet as the letter V. I think the original concept came from Pinterest or something, but we decided to tweak it a little for marvelous effect.

We took a couple canvases, covered Johnny’s feet in paint, used them as stamps, then caligraphied (Is that a word?) the rest of the text. The work was executed in the bathroom where we could quickly wash Johnathan’s little feet off once we had finished the prints. It worked really well, even with the little man squirming around like a fish out of water.


Then when it was just edging on unbearably cute, we grabbed a different canvas and made a giant grotesque canvas one with my feet.

Here’s Mom D at the unveiling. First with the feet of her youngest grandson:

Mom D

And then the completely ridiculous feet of her son:

MikeD Footprint

Mission accomplished.

*this sentence has a triple negative, the logic works out.

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