An entire bag of potatoes.

Is there ANYTHING more adult than using all the potatoes in a bag of potatoes before they sprout? I’m not talking about a single event sort of thing like buying a small bag of potatoes before a giant Mashed Potato fest. I’m not talking about purposefully doing everything you can to not waste the last potato. I’m talking about slowly, naturally emptying a bag over the course of a few weeks through normal meal planning.

Quick non-scientific comparisons:

  • Successfully completing your own taxes – Easier than meal planning a bag of potatoes
  • Having children – more common than not throwing out old potatoes
  • Onset of joint aches and back spasms – Likely to occur while there are half grown potato plants in your pantry

I think the reason for this challenge is because eating a potato is not a spur of the moment thing. It means that you are planning real full meals each night of each week. As soon as a hasty order of Chinese food ends up on the meal-plan you’re about 900x more likely to ruin a potato.

This week, for I the first time in my life, we accidentally ate all our potatoes.

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