Pentagonal Tesselations

Jen and I are going to make an art piece. It’s based on the fairly recent news that mathematicians determined a new equation for a pentagonal tesselation.



Yes. This is all truth. So, uh, what does that mean? Basically, all triangles and all convex quadrilaterals can form tessellations. No big deal. Easy stuff. Pentagons? A bit more challenging. Thankfully over the course of history mathematicians determined 14 different general equations for pentagons that will get the job done (image shown above). Over the summer, a fifteenth was discovered (whew!)

Or plan is to laser cut these tesselations into 15 individually colored panels and mount them in an array.

It will be beautiful.
It will be colorful.
It will be geeky.

In my mind, these three criteria result in great art potential.

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