BRUGES in terrible pictures.

The next stop on our Europe 2015 trip was Bruges, Belgium. Although Bruges is the capital of West Flanders, Belgium it feels like less of a city and more like the perfect quaint touristy destination. It’s also amazingly picturesque. It’s no surprise that I really don’t have many bad pictures from our time here.

We only spent two nights in Bruges. And really, that was just about enough. There isn’t tons to do. There’s an amazing tower with a super-amazing music box style bell ringing system. But that’s about it.

The streets are cobble stones and cuteness accented with adorable canals. That this following picture was one of the worst pictures from the trip is quite telling.


Then we have this terrible shot from a train:


But really, that’s it. Every other picture was wonderful. In a week or so I’ll post all the awesome pictures from the trip. Bruges will have plenty of highlights in that post.

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