AMSTERDAM in bad pictures

Disclaimer: here at we prefer the comedy of showcasing the worst pictures from our vacation picture collection

For Jen and my trip to Amsterdam we’d planned a wealth of activities including:
The Ballet (mentioned in this previous post)
The Anne Frank House
The Rijksmuseum
A walking tour
Canal exploration

After Jen arrived to meet me in Dusseldorf we took a quick train to Amsterdam. This first picture is of a shoe hanging off the storage rack. It looks like a dismembered leg.


On our first night we strolled out from our hotel to explore. Not far from our hotel in front of the Rijksmuseum is the famous I Amsterdam sign. It was too crowded in front, so we took a picture of the back. If you look carefully, you’ll see that I’m standing with arms wide in front of the letter e. This picture is bad.


For our first morning in the Netherlands we visited the Anne Frank House. As expected, it was solemn but most certainly a must for any visit to Amsterdam. The museum warrants a far more serious post than this website can offer.

Our walking tour was amazing and took us all over the city. One of my favorite portions of the trip was explanation of the thin house fronts and classic dutch architecture. At night? The bridges over the canals of Amsterdam were lit beautifully.


I have no idea what this picture is, but I think it’s a night canal.

Overall, Amsterdam was just okay. It’s a bustling city and doesn’t quite have the charm that we were looking for in our vacation. I think it’d be a perfect destination for a 22 year old looking for vacation in a busy city environment.

Also, there were a weird number of Dachshunds.

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