During my time in Dusseldorf I had the opportunity to swing through Cologne for a day trip. Cologne is famous for its massive cathedral.


I visited with two co-workers: Andrew and Hasan. Hasan is Turkish and, as an added bonus, he took us to a Turkish street in Cologne where we had authentic Turkish food. The prize of the night? A dessert called Kunefe.

This is an extremely sweet cheese and pasta dessert fried into a patty and covered in a sugary syrup. My description is unappealing, but this is one of the most deliciously sweet desserts I’ve ever had. It was served with Turkish ice cream which has a perplexing taffy-esque quality to it. It’s stringy and stretchy. I was medium on the ice cream, though I’m sure I could learn to love it.

Tomorrow morning I have scheduled another edition of Guess the Itinerary.

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