Dataless Day 23

This is yet another automatic post for the month of February as Jen and I try and achieve a full month without electronics abuse. This weekend’s fun events included a bald eagle watch with the local Audubon group. It’s a 5 hours watch with a number of different stops concluding with a tasty lunch in Essex.

The Connecticut river is known for its bald eagle roosts. I’m eager to check it out. I’ve only seen bald eagles on a few random occasions here in CT. Once flying over the highway, and another time at a great distance from the shores of Madison, CT.

Also scheduled for this week? A Houston business trip. This will be especially challenging to survive without any electronics. Business trips with my company are often huge pendulums swinging between EXTREMELY ACTIVE INSANE and jaw numbingly boring. It’s those boring minutes where I will struggle.

I’ll be bringing some books with me from the library. Hopefully those will keep me occupied when things aren’t crazy at the job-site.

One thought on “Dataless Day 23

  • 5/16/2015 at 9:04 pm

    We have bald eagles here. Just over the last couple of years they seem to be all over the place. We even had one in our front yard, and one in half dead tree north of the house. The awesomeness does not wear off.


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