The Color Purple

Recently we were FaceTiming with our niece Sylvie. At about 18 months she’s been learning words and the whole family has been encouraging her whenever possible. She wore a purple sweater for our conversation.

Mike D: Sylvie, what color is your sweater?
Sylvie, looking down and touching her sweater with her tiny hand.
Sylvie: Purple!
Mike D: Wow! Good job!

moments later, Alicia returned.

Mike D: Alicia! Sylvie knew her sweater was purple!!
Alicia: Actually, that’s the only color she knows. Sylvie, what color is a lion?
Sylvie: Purple!
Alicia: What color is grass?
Sylvie: Purple!

Oh the joys of childhood when the whole Earth was purple.

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