A Tattoo

Darcy visited the new house last weekend and with her came her new Tattoo:


It is, of course, the silhouette of Missouri with a lovely water-color style Cardinal in the foreground.

Mike D: “Is the Cardinal the state bird of Missouri?”
Darcy: “Nope.”

Now, unofficially the Cardinal is kinda the city bird of Saint Louis, Darcy’s hometown. (Fun fact: Per this website the baseball team The Cardinals were named because the team wanted their team colors to be red and white).

And while her Tattoo has genuine personal meaning, I can’t help but LOVE the idea of slightly inaccurate tattoos.

Here are two I came up with:
Pennsylvania with a keyhole in it
A molecular diagram of chocolate labeled “Caffeine”

2 thoughts on “A Tattoo

  • 5/15/2014 at 1:17 pm

    Detail: chocolate doesn’t have a molecular diagram, it’s a mixture of cocoa solids and cocoa butter (which are themselves mixtures of, like, random plant junk).

    Among that mixture is theobromine — which, fun fact, despite its name contains no bromine. Theobromine does have a chemical structure extremely similar to caffeine, and has similar though muted effects on humans. Their structures are different by one methyl group, and pretty much nobody can remember which is which.


    • 5/15/2014 at 1:21 pm


      Also, theobromine sounds like a killer non-descript nickname.

      “What is up my TheoBromine?”


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