Jen and I will be going to Italy for a belated honeymoon this July. In preparation for the trip, we acquired Italian language CDs to listen to on the way to work. Jen started yesterday, coming home with a wealth of Italian phrases at her fingertips.

I needed to catch up.

Since moving to the shore, I’ve started commuting with Sander. This morning when he hopped into my car I informed him that we would be learning Italian and started up the CD.

CD: “Do you understand Italian? … Capisce l’italiano?”
Mike D: “capisce l’italiano”
Sander (in Italian accent): “Doa you understanda italiano?”
Sander: Seriously, that is perhaps the least useful phrase ever if you’re going to Italy.

He jests and jokes, but I’m pretty sure he’ll learn Italian faster than I will.

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  • 4/23/2014 at 1:05 pm

    Pro tip, learn to recognize the italian phrase for “on strike”. Tom learned this from a list of useful Italian phrases and it saved us a lot of headache when we were trying to get a water bus in Venice. Tom recognized this phrase on the sign, otherwise we would have spent a clueless hour or two waiting around for a water bus that was never going to come (we had to walk the entire way across Venice with our luggage to get to the train station). Have fun in Italy!


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