At this point Jen and I are mostly moved into the new home. And a new home it is; we are the first residents in this new construction. Easy and convenient? Yes, though non-loan-related financial output for the home has surprised me.

There are always a bunch of costs associated with buying an older home, and I think these are mostly understood and expected. Usually there are repairs necessary or major components like furnaces, roofs, or water heaters. That was certainly the case with the House of Rock. We had to replace a furnace, remove an old oil tank, fix up some walls, and clean up some old junk that had found refuge in rafters of the garage… but the house was essentially livable from the get go.

What surprised me is that the new home has its own lengthy assortment of costs based entirely on the fact that it is new. The house needs a water filter, radon testing, appliances and all the standard decorating accouterment. Painting and staining are on the menu, as is a new gas line for a grill.

Perhaps the real difference between the HoR and the new Home is not the built-on date as much as it is my higher expectations for quality and performance. With the HoR, all I needed was to be certain that the house would stand. With this Home, I’m eager to make it streamlined and efficient.

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