Zombies, Run!

After months of putting it off, I finally followed Vivienne’s recommendation and tried out the epic running app: Zombies, Run!

Verdict: AMAZING.

The concept is fairly simple. You live in a post apocalyptic zombie infested world and are given daily missions which will require you to leave the safe gates of your base and run around collecting critical supplies and plot developing items. You are coaxed on by the base via your radio transmitter. While you run the program keeps track of your location via GPS (or accelerometer for you treadmill junkies). And about three times per run, zombies chase you and if you don’t pick up your speed – they will get you.

Getting caught doesn’t change the plot line or stop the story, it’s mostly a pride thing. The program essentially coaches you into interval training while keeping you interested and eager for more storyline. Also, it seems to define how fast you’ll need to go to escape the zombies by your average speed. I find that I really have to book it in order to escape during zombie chases.

Each episode is about 30minutes long and the program pulls music from your collection to play between story segments. If you want to keep running after the 30 minutes are up, the plotline stops, but you are entertained by comical banter by the radio transmission guys.

I’ve only run through four episodes now, but it’s mega fun. For 4 bucks, it’s a great deal.

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