Tomorrow’s Writing Prompt

AHH! Google is dropping reader!

This is tragic and will likely kill about 50% of my readership, but perhaps the life of the blog is falling out of favor with our twittering youth.

Still, I’m not here today to talk tweet. Instead, I’m here to talk Writing Prompt. Tomorrow Jen is going to come onto my blog and post a writing prompt post. I’m having Jen do this so I can participate in the challenge as well. We’ll set it up so that if you visit the website you won’t absentmindedly see the prompt before you’re ready.

Whenever you are ready, you can take a look at the writing prompt. Then start the timer! You have 45minutes to complete the task.

You’ll have 10 days to submit your entry to me via e-mail. Then during the week of March 25th, I’ll start posting the entries one by one.

Try not to look at the writing prompt in advance. If this event is a huge success we’ll do more in the future with more flexibility in the rules.

All the guidelines will be listed in the post tomorrow. But if you have any questions in advance, feel free to post them here!

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Writing Prompt

  • 3/14/2013 at 4:45 pm

    I still check your website by remembering to type it in the address bar. Ha!

  • 3/16/2013 at 3:14 pm

    More like Two days from now writing prompt….


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