Panera Pseudonyms

Out on the job site, we take lunch whenever we can at wherever we can. Sometimes our installation locations are not conducive to traditional venues and we find ourselves at ‘Chuck’s Hot Dog Stand’ every day for three weeks straight.

Other times we are afforded the luxury of choice. Out here in Ohio, I have that luxury. We’ve been alternating between Subway, Panera, and a few local diners/eateries where the pie is to die for and the chicken you might die from.

When we go to Panera, my peers (Sander and another Mike) give alternate names to make the ordering process easier. Sander goes by Steve because “wait Sandhuhwho? How do you spell… is it Sandy?” and Mike goes by his last name because there are just too many Mikes.

My Dad used to do this at restaurants. Instead of saying Andy or having to spell out DiDonato. He’d just say his name was Sting.

It’s a pretty good plan. I’ve been thinking of doing the same, but I need a snazzy name. Any recommendations?

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  • 3/6/2013 at 7:42 pm

    When I worked at Panera, a guy came in once and used the name Batman. When his food was ready they announced over the microphone “Batman, your order is ready for pickup.” It was pretty amusing for both employees and diners as everyone stopped to check their hearing – “Wait, did they just say batman?”

    Another time when I asked for a name, the guy replied “Call me Ishmael”. There were a few other good ones, but I can’t remember.

    You could use Primrose Everdeen. Then when they call your order you can yell “I volunteer as tribute!” and calmly take your food.


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