Battle Industrial Royale

Surrounded by industrial equipment, I can’t help but wonder what machine would dominate a battle royale:

Fork Truck
Dump Truck

They have one other massive machine here called a straddler. It looks like a war machine from the hit 90’s computer game Descent. It’s 20′ tall and can carry 60,000lbs of steel.

I’m thinking the fork truck’s maneuverability plus it’s bull spears would make it a pretty effective war machine. Even excavator payloaders, though fast, probably could only execute one or two awkward swipes before the fork truck could get up close.

The dump truck’s only effective strategy would be to plow its opponents. Assuming the bed was full, it would make for a nearly unstoppable force. But I don’t think it would charge a fork truck with raised forks – too risky.

These are the guiltless musings of a travel weary project manager.

One thought on “Battle Industrial Royale

  • 3/1/2013 at 2:05 pm

    This would be toddler gold. I bet Corbin would watch for at least an hour (this is basically forever in toddler time) before he got bored, kid loves trucks.


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