New England Carousel Museum

After the great success of the CT clock museum, Jen and I took a trip over to Bristol a few months ago for another museum experience. This time it was the CT Carousel Museum.

The museum had a very unusual feel to it. One that, for me, was uncomfortable. It did not have the reverent feel of a traditional museum, instead the exhibits felt rushed together – placed to be placed more than as part of a greater story. The information was good, but the presentation was coarse.

My personal highlight: Carousel Construction
Carousel Construction

The museum is located in an old factory. Many of the presenting walls are dressed with old peculiar carnival imagery. The painting of the horses was beautiful, but I couldn’t overcome a haunting feeling of being in a room with dozens of carved creatures.

My favorite part of the museum was a small section on the wood construction of the horses themselves. The picture above shows a sectioned horse along with parts in mid-process. Unfortunately, the rest of the museum felt a bit too bizarre for me.

Verdict: probably more fun if you’re a nine year old girl.

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