Travelocity vs. Korean Air

Normally, I book my company travel through our travel agent at my company. It’s massively convenient. For this trip however, because of the limited advanced notice, one of my coworkers was kind enough to set my flight up for me via travelocity.

My return flight was scheduled for 8pm and I found out that there was an earlier 10am flight available. I called up travelocity to see if I could switch the flight and was informed that I would be charged $1,550. $150 for the change fee and $1400 as the change in the two ticket expenses. $1550? Whoa there, Travelocity. That seems a bit steep. I figured maybe $300 bucks or so. But $1,550? Geeze.

So I called Korean air and was able to change my flight for no charge. Free. Zero bucks. Zippo Dollars. Ixnay on the argeChay.

What the heck Travelocity?!?

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