Essex Clipper

This weekend Jen and I took a ride on the Essex Dinner Train. This adventure, like so many others this summer, spawned from our Connecticut guide book.


The evening began at 4:30 when we arrived at the train station. We boarded the train and were greeted with some fresh vegetables and some tasty dip.

Train (delicious dip shown in the foreground)

At 5:00pm promptly, the train began racing along its route at a fierce 10mph. Honestly, anything more would have resulted in a mess of tableware and spilled beverages. The train ride was two and a half hours long and included a salad, warm rolls, dinner (choice of stuffed chicken, prime rib, seafood something or other, and pasta primavera), and a dessert of chocolate cake and coffee.

The ride took us mostly along the Connecticut River going North to Hadlyme and turning around just past the Goodspeed Opera House.

I strongly recommend this adventure. It’s a bit pricey at $75 a head, but massively fun!

Jen and me on the train!

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