Part 2: Zip Lines!

Oh Dang! I got food poisoning last week! It was really gross!

But to continue with the previous story, last weekend Jen and I hit up some ziplines. We purchased the tickets the day before the event and unfortunately the only time slot available was an 8:20am departure. This was extra annoying because the zipline headquarters in Deerfield, MA is 90 minutes away.

Amazingly, however, this turned into a huge benefit. While the normal zipline group is 8 persons strong, no one else had signed up for this 8:20 slot. Jen and I got a personal tour! This included a few opportunities to re-do some of the extra fun zip lines and a lot of fun chatting time with our guides.

If you’re curious about my helmet name-tag, they asked if we wanted secret names for this event. I asked to be Sting.

Something I didn’t expect about Zip lining: it’s really not that intense. I don’t mean that as being a negative, it’s mega fun! But, it’s hardly an adrenaline infused event at all. That said, this place’s longest zipline was somewhere in the 700ft long range. Our fastest speeds were around 35mph. I’m sure a mountain top zipline might be a bit more extreme than our canopy tour in the Berkshires.

Cost: ~$100 per person.
Event length: 11 ziplines and a few rappels.
For a normal group time = 3h. two people: time = 90min

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