New Equipment and Vacation Glory

I just got a new laptop.

(pretentious) It’s a MacBook Air (/pretentious).

How does this relate to you? Welllll… I’m hoping it will help me get back into the world of website posting. I suppose we’ll see. Admittedly, life and work have attacked me with a volley of to do things – but that hasn’t slowed the adventure that has been virtually perpetual. So let’s start with some of the most recent fun.

Sand Castle 2012!

Bam! Sandcastle 2012. It was hardly as tall as the mighty sandcastles of years past, but it was respectable 5ft and the carving was decent. It featured a dragon, shells, and a massive face which pointed towards the sea.

This castle was one of many highlights of my recent vacation to Cape Cod. Others fun times included some bicycle rides, plenty of time with the fam, and massively good times on the beach.

Jen and me!

The fun is palpable in that last picture. Also palpable? My faceburn. Actually, the color is not nearly as bad as this picture suggests. Still, I should probably upgrade to SPF500.

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