Transit 2

Unsurprisingly, Venus strolled her way across the sun on Tuesday afternoon.
Surprisingly, I got the chance to witness it.

Throughout Tuesday, clouds plagued much of New England’s skies. I knew I would be venturing out to Worcester for a business dinner engagement. An engagement that would shorten my available viewing window. Add to that the looming cloud cover and I almost considered not even bothering with my telescope.

But… why not. It’s only effort.

So I disassembled the telescope, packed it in pillows, and loaded it into my car for the ride to WormTown.

Lo and Behold, as 6:00pm approached, the skies miraculously cleared! I arrived at WPI in advance of my meeting and immediately set up the scope.

Shamefully, I must admit that I did not have my camera as I had accidentally left it at my folks place the weekend prior. BUT! I did have my sun filter and I had my iPhone, which I held delicately up to the lens to try and snap pictures.

Verdict? An awesome event.
Photography embarrassment? most certainly.

Venus begins its adventure
The pull of the shadow pre Internal Ingress!
She is in... And the clouds return!

The sky remained clear for about an hour before the clouds returned with a vengeance but I couldn’t have asked for better timing. I was able to enjoy dinner without guilt and with the satisfaction of knowing that I didn’t miss this astronomical astronomical event.

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