Intense Weekend

I recently received in the mail my very own copy of Eric D Lehman’s “Insiders’ Guide to Connecticut.” I heard it being talked about on the radio and thought it might be fun to explore in greater depth the place where I live.

For a very long time I have disliked Connecticut. There are all sorts of things going against it. I think it lying between New York and Boston lessens the need to have a local cultural hub here. Public critics frequently point to the state’s high taxes as reasons younger folks abandon this state (remember this MikeDiDonato post?). And it’s natural strength pales compared to its neighbors (mountains? NH. Skiing? VT. Beaches? RI and MA) All in all, sometimes it feels a bit drab here.

Still, Connecticut is growing on me. And Lehman’s book is going to most certainly tip me over the edge into the Connecticut fan-base. This past weekend at Eric’s recommendations Jen and I checked out the Hill-stead museum, Shady Glen’s hamburger joint, Roaring brook falls, and Sweet Claude’s Ice cream joint. There were gardens and hiking trails and delicious eats! All within 20 minutes of our abodes! Who knew?!

Obviously, Jen and I have started an excel spreadsheet. The highlights will be shown here.

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