Greetings from Ohio

I’m back in Ohio, though only for a few days. For convenience, I flew
into Pittsburgh for this trip with Sander. The flights were cheaper and, amazingly, more direct.

Mike D: I’m trying to get to Cleveland.
Travel agent: direct is sold out, but I can get you through detroit. It has a three hour layover though.
Mike D: There’s gotta be something else
Agent: well, you could get there with only a 45 minute layover in Atlanta?

Two things
One: CT to OH through Atlanta? Really?
Two: I’m fairly certain 45 hours isn’t enough time to get a connection in Atlanta

And thus it happened that we flew into Pittsburgh. Extra unfortunate because Darcy isn’t in the Pitts at the moment.

So Sander and I we’re driving with the GPS and there on the horizon was the dotted line separating Ohio from Pennsylvania. As we crossed the bridge I commented to Sander: “we’ve made it to Ohio!”

And as if on cue, the heavens opeaned up and rain started pouring down. Sometimes that’s just how Ohio works.

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