Hey everybody!

I have just returned from a week in Dusseldorf, Germany. I went out there for a trade show and I would rate the week as a big success. Dusseldorf isn’t anything overly wild or crazy, but I was in great company to be sure. Many of my European work colleagues were there as well as Anna Dusseldorf who I became friends with at last year’s trade show.

I have a few pictures here and there, but unfortunately, I didn’t get much time to deeply explore the German countryside. Today I have some work meetings at WPI and I’ll be back in my office on Monday to load some pictures.

This just in: Adam from WPI is training for a marathon! Way to go Adam! He is running in Alaska on June 23rd. Adam, keep us updated on how we can track your progress. Keep at it!

One thought on “Germanz!

  • 4/1/2012 at 11:25 am

    Actually Düsseldorf is pretty wild and crazy, but of course you cannot possibly know that (going to bed at 8.00 PM every night). Come back soon :)

    Yours truly,
    Anna Dusseldorf


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