Kickstarter Project!!!

UPDATE: Link Fixed.

Jesse sent me a link to this Kickstarter project. Check it out!

We’ve made a documentary movie and we want you to watch it! Actually, we want everyone to watch it! The movie is currently available on, but it will only be available for the next 30 days, so don’t wait!

Kickstarter is a website that lets you create a project and then use that project to raise money. It relies on people making donations to your project and in return they get a reward based on their donation level. For example, a $5 donation gets you our “sincere thanks and good karma”, a $20 donation gets you the basic movie on dvd, and a $50 donation gets you the movie on dvd, the movie on blu-ray, special features, and a custom dvd case. There’s a couple more donation levels in between so hopefully, there’s something for everyone! Kickstarter is easy to use, as you can sign in with your facebook account and you can transfer payments via your amazon account.

The link is here.
(Help us about by posting the above link to your facebook page or emailing it to friends!)

We’re not just looking to raise money from our own members, we’re looking to raise money from people all across the country so we really need your help to spread the word and the link. Please forward the link to your family, friends, and co-workers, and ask them to do the same. Also, please post the link to your facebook page, twitter account, or personal blog if you have one. The more ways we can get the link posted to the web, the more popular the project becomes on kickstarter and therefore the more people will see it! If you can’t afford to make a monetary donation at least post the link on your facebook page! Every bit helps!

If you’re a chapter member that doesn’t always get to attend the meetings or participate in fundraising events, this is a great way to show your support for the Hartford Chapter! Make a donation, email the link, or post the link today! Only 30 days to raise money!

If you can help! It’d be great!

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