Augustography 1

Welcome to thirty one days of photography. Quick rehash on how this is going to go down. We have ELEVEN wonderful people (maybe one or two more stragglers may jump on board) who are going to try and post a photograph every day for the month of August on their blogs.

I have posted their web addresses (check back, there are new recruits!) in this post. I strongly recommend you add them to your RSS. As a summary, each day I will post my own picture and all of the pictures from the rest of the mighty eleven. These thirty days are going to be tough but I have the greatest faith in this community of people. Good luck good friends! Let’s make this happen.

Mike D. Picture 1:

Darcy enjoying a milkeshake


Paper Lantern Bloom


Xixi sleeping on the couch


Doggie Blues

Jon Abad:

Abstract Parking Meter


Climber starting the The Lookout Crack (5.9-), about 400 ft up from the base of Cathedral Ledge (it is larger than what is shown here)


Lucy in the Window


Butterfly bush in Mom G#039;s garden


Outside on Roxy's run


Hood Ornament Captured at the North Shore Concours D'Elegance


(Click for Cam's submission)


Lime Green Icicle Tower

I will be updating this post by days end with all of the Augustography submissions!

2 thoughts on “Augustography 1

  • 8/2/2011 at 6:23 am

    Agreed. Full participation on day one – so awesome! Thanks everybody! Also, what a fun spread of photo types!

    Jon Abad’s parking meter abstract messes with my mind.


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