Business Travel!!!

And BAM. Just like that. I’m in New Jersey. This trip’s a short one, I arrived yesterday and come home tonight.

In other news, remember how I said I was going to get up early every day of the week for chores? Well, I have had great success with this endeavor. But it comes with an obvious side effect: I have become really lame. You see, when 9pm rolls around I go from chipper D to pile of useless. This isn’t a huge deal during weekdays, but on weekends I am king of pathetic. Even Karaoke (I can’t believe I’m saying this) even Karaoke can’t wake me up.

Granted, the past few weeks have been weird because I’ve really stepped up my work hours, so it’s possible I’ll no longer turn into a zombie if things simmer down. Let’s hope – because I sure am getting a heck of a lot done.

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