Qrank greatness!

I did it!!

I am excited to report that I have achieved a special kind of greatness with the iphone/ipad application Qrank. Qrank is a game that offers 15 daily trivia questions. By connecting with other friends who play the game it becomes a little competitive adventure each day. Adding to the fun are useless achievements. For example, you get 5 achievement points for playing a game in… say… Kentucky. You can get 20 points if you score in the top 100 in the nation. These achievements are fun and completely useless.

Today I successfully accomplished an achievement I’ve been striving for:


That’s right good people. I have successfully played this game for 365 days in a row. This has not been easy. In Germany I almost missed one of the days be four minutes. FOUR MINUTES. Oh man, thankfully I pulled it off.

I love achieving things. Even if they are useless things.

Fun fact: The phrase “balls out” and “balls to the wall” refers to the use of centrifugal governers in steam engines. Centrifugal governers are very clever mechanical devices. They consist of two balls connected via lever arms to a rotating shaft that controls the throttle valve in an engine. Imagine holding two kettle bells in your arms as you spin around. As you spin faster and faster, the kettle bells would rise up until your arms are parallel to the floor. Since the balls are out to the walls and can’t go any higher, the throttle that is connected to the device remains in a maximum position and the engine is prevented from going any faster. Amazing! So the phrase balls out or, balls to the wall, literally means that you’re going fast as mechanically possible.

2 thoughts on “Qrank greatness!

  • 7/7/2011 at 10:33 am


    I recently completed all the webranger activities on the Natl Parks site and they send you an actual patch in the mail once completed. Granted this activity is aimed at 8 year olds, but they sent me a patch! It’s like Girl Scouts all over again.

  • 7/11/2011 at 12:06 pm

    I love this post! For the fact that I now can say “balls out” when refering to myself…:)


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