The Stepford Sabotage vs. The Suburban Brawl

There are many bouts each year but rarely does one possess all the characteristics of a true battle: tightly matched teams, seemingly invincible heroines, a major rally, and a tight finish. But such was the case on Saturday June fourth as The Stepford Sabotage took on The Suburban Brawl. All present – participants and spectators alike – were in this one until the final whistle sounded.

The bout started with Black Cherry and Charlotte Bupowski on the jammer line. Both women became the most depended on for their team – each logging over 10 jams over the course of the night. Black Cherry took lead in this first match up, but could only snag one point before Charlotte got too close to point territory for Cherry’s comfort. This one point was only the slightest setback for the visitors in black, as Suburbia skater AWOL promptly responded with a 19 point power jam.

If the crowd was getting uncomfortable at the skewed score, it only got worse as AWOL returned four jams later with 14 more points widening the point gap to 34 to 6. It was a tough start for the Sabotage.

Doomcake and Delilah work together in an effort to stop AWOL

After a short time-out, the ladies in green got to work with Ether and Cherry pulling consecutive 7 point jams. The momentum didn’t stop there, however, Stepford climbed further with 8 points via Delilah, and 10 via Bonnie Voyage.

Parker and Fawkes close the door on Charlotte

Suburbia’s Domestic Violet and Smashing Pumpkin were able to lesson the damage with 9 point jams of their own, but still, the drive had been a success. Stepford cut the seemingly insurmountable 28 point lead to a mere 6 by halftime. And they didn’t stop there, Stepford came back hitting even harder in the second half. Black Cherry starting with eight points over Harlot Bronte’s two in the first jam of the second period and Delilah Dread kept it going with four points more in the second jam. The Stepford Sabotage had taken the lead!

But Suburbia was not to be outmatched. With the powerful support of Dina Sore Jr., Domestic Violet, Suffah Kate, and Pony Girl, AWOL came back with a vengeance pulling in 14 points more point for her team and gaining the lead once again.

Dino and the Suburbia Pack hold back Ether so AWOL can pull points

Give and take! Give and take! Rage, Delilah, and Cherry (via an epic leap over the inner track) immediately stepped up to the challenge with 4, 8, and 4 points respectively, bringing Sabotage back into first. It was a rollercoaster of emotion!

Cherry gets in front, while Parker, Rage, Ramona, and Doom hold back the Brawl

Unfortunately for the hometown team, the Suburban Brawl’s final push was too much to overcome. Charlotte Bupowski broke free deep in the second period. She circled the pack three times, and those fifteen points followed by consistent scoring by Domestic Violet and Dina Sore Jr. gave the Suburban Brawl a strong lead. The final score? A win for the Suburban Brawl: 137 to 107

What a bout! Both teams skated their hearts out and the strategy and drive of the skaters were truly commendable. It was a joy to watch this match up.

Stepford Sabotage and Suburan Brawl

Let’s check some Statistics!

Lead Scorers!
The Suburban Brawl
AWOL with 51 points in 5 jams (3 lead)
Charlotte Bupowski 36 points in 10 jams (2 lead)
Domestic Violet with 21 points in 5 jams (4 lead)

The Stepford Sabotage
Black Cherry with 35 points in 11 jams (7 lead)
Delilah Dread with 29 points in 9 jams (6 lead)
C’Mya Rage with 21 points in 6 jams (1 lead)

Penalty Queens!
Suburban Brawl: Suffah Kate and Dina Sore Jr. each with 6 trips to the box
Stepford Sabotage: Bonnie Voyage with 5 trips to the box.

Stepford Sabotage: Luciana Pulverotti
The Suburban Brawl: Domestic Violet

Great job to all the players and support personnel. The hard work is appreciated and the athletic display is inspiring. And you, dear reader, if you’d like to learn more about Connecticut’s Roller Derby head on over to

And come on down to the CT Sports Center to join us on July 9th for the next bout as CTRG’s Yankee Brutals head up against the Hellions of Troy! See you then!

2 thoughts on “The Stepford Sabotage vs. The Suburban Brawl

  • 6/11/2011 at 2:32 pm

    Great as always Mike D. And thanks for rocking the mic for your second trip out as our announcer! I would like to give some big ups to Dread though as this was her FIRST game with the Stepford Sabotage and she’s only halfway into her first full season as a derby girl. We expect to see even more amazingness coming out of this girl!

    <3 fawkes

  • 6/21/2011 at 11:24 pm

    Oh thanks Fawkes :) And yes Mike you are awesome!


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