Party Scrabble

Perhaps the most pretentious way to play scrabble is Party Play on an iPad. You lay the iPad on the table, and it acts as the board. Meanwhile, the players each see their own rack on their respective iPhones. The iPhones connect to the iPad via Bluetooth and everyone can have a wildly thrilling electronic night of scrabble.

Shaun, Darcy, Sarah, Brian, and I participate in Maximum Scrabble Dorkiness

Scrabble for the iPad costs about about 10 bucks, but the comedic value alone makes it worth it. Since purchasing this app a few weeks ago, I’ve played three times. Twice with friends at the House of Rock*, and once with Shaun while waiting for my turn at the open mic. It’s fun knowing that wherever I am, I am always prepared for a rogue game of Scrabble.

*Note: we have two editions of the real scrabble board at the HoR. But I’m fairly certain that hereafter these will be no more than dust magnets.

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