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On Saturday May 14th, the Connecticut Roller Girls met in Woodbridge for a charity bout to support Girls Inc, an organization whose goal is to inspire girls into greatness. Charity bouts are extra fun because they provide the unique opportunity to see only Connecticut skaters on the track. It’s always exciting to see a wealth of hometown players in action. And on Saturday, the action was plentiful.

The two teams were made up of a mix of Stepford Sabotage, Yankee Brutals, and rookies. In theme with Girls Inc, the two teams were named after historical women champions: The Marie Curie Furies, and the Frida Kahlo Killers -it was a showdown of Science vs. Art!! Logic vs. Intuition!! A lot was riding on the fierce will of these skated vixens.

The bout started with Paula G. Imnaughty skating with the Furies facing off against Slugg’er Face with the Killers. The pack started off slow, though this was not a reoccurring theme of the night. Paula G. quickly flexed her experience and wove her way through the pack once, for lead, and twice for four quick points. The next jam saw experience take the gold again as Bonnie Voyage out skated Pow Pow Powerwheels, who despite securing lead, was unable to end the jam before Bonnie took in three for the Marie Curie Furies.

Paula came back a few minutes later and took 5 more points against rookie Kitty Bomb, only stopping her attack after a strong hit by Murphy’s Outlaw pushed her out of bounds. The Marie Curie Furies were on a roll! but the Frido Kahlo Killers were quick to respond to Paula’s early 9 points. Killer skaters Ether and Black Cherry followed up with nine points of their own: Ether grabbed four after Ramona was sent to the penalty box. And Black Cherry added to the tally after a stunning one skate evasion of Pepper Grind’Her’s fierce shoulder.

Delicate Balance!

But Cherry couldn’t evade Pepper’s shoulder forever, she was forced to call off the jam on her next pass on the track as Pepper landed a crushing blow. Still, the damage was done! The score was tied up!

The jams were give and take until about half way through the first period when Black Cherry, Murphy’s Outlaw, Ether Bunny, Slugg’er Face, and Pow Pow Powerwheels pulled in a streak of points for the Killers. They seemed unstoppable. Even the fierce hits by the likes of Furie Scarla Hooch could not slow the artistic tide.

Pow Pow fights to get by Pepper, Skater Tot, and Scarla Hooch

After a time-out, the Marie Curie Furies returned to the game invigorated and Paula and Bonnie brought their team back within a tight striking distance of the Killers. In part due to the awesome defensive maneuvers of the Marie Curie pack – special props to Ramona Rotten for her great work as Pivot in executing a hit that took out both Pow Pow Powerwheels and Malibu Slay Breeze (*error fixed), opening a hole for Science jammer Paula G.

Epic hit!

Suddenly it was half time, and the score was 37 to 33 in favor of the artists.

During the break in action JK Elemenopee presented Girls Inc with their check! The only thing better than Roller Derby is charitable roller derby!

Awesome post-bout pic of the Girls Inc presentation! (click for larger size)

Once Girls Inc. was honored the Roller Girls quickly got back to work. And work they did. After some fierce competition in the first three jams of the second half, Murphy’s Outlaw and Black Cherry did some serious damage with 15 point and 10 point jams in the 4th and 5th. The Marie Curie Furies couldn’t recover from such a furious flood of Frida, though team Science certainly never gave up. Pepper Grind’her had two impressive back to back jams halfway through the second period, pulling in 12 more points for the Marie Curie Furies. Paula and Ramona followed up with 8 more in the following jams. But it wasn’t quite enough, and the bout ended with the Frida Kahlo Killers ahead 97 to 66.

This was a very entertaining bout and it was great to see so many of the new players out on the track. (Extra props to Third Degree Burns who snagged a Grand Slam her first time out as jammer!)

Let’s look at the numbers!

Lead Scorers
Frida Kahlo Killers
22 points: Slugg’er Face (3 leads in 7 jams)
20 points: Black Cherry (4 leads in 7 jams)
19 points: Murphy’s Outlaw (2 leads in 3 jams)

Marie Curie Furies
28 points: Paula G. Imnaughty (5 leads in 10 jams)
16 points: Pepper Grind’her (7 leads in 10 jams)
11 points: Bonnie Voyage (2 leads in 4 jams)

This bout’s winners were very deserving. Pow Pow Powerwheels took home the MVP for the Frida Kahlo Killers having shown great strength as a jammer (12 pts and 3 leads). And Scarla Hooch was awarded MVP for the Marie Curie Furies after demonstrating appreciable skill in the pack and notable pack awareness. Great job!!

It was really fun to see some new personalities on the track. What a show! As for you, dear reader, if you’d like to learn more about CT Roller Derby head over to Or, join us at the next bout on June 4th!

Hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Roller Derby – Charity Bout

  • 5/20/2011 at 9:28 am

    “Special props to Ramona Rotten for her great work as Pivot in executing a hit that took out both Pow Pow Powerwheels and Third Degree Burns, opening a hole for Science jammer Paula G”

    Psssst!! I’m in the backround- that’s Pow-Pow and Malibu Slay Breeze :) (we have the same helmet)

    • 5/20/2011 at 9:32 am

      Third Degree Burns! I apologize!
      I will fix this error immediately. Sometimes it’s hard to tell you ladies apart since you’re all so attractive and ferocious.

      • 5/20/2011 at 9:43 am

        :) Thank you!! and you forgot to mention the awesomeness of our new announcer!!!!!

  • 5/20/2011 at 11:40 am

    Awesome recap, Mike! What a fun bout :) Congrats to the rookies <3


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