Slingshot Links and a Hypothetical

Two links worth checking out (a la Jesse):

Machete Slingshot (crossbow)

Gatling gun Slingshot

Also, completely unrelated, I was thinking: Which would you choose given the following two options:

1. nothing happens
2. time freezes for a billion years, and you are allowed to explore the universe. You can move freely in any direction without getting tired or needing oxygen, heat, food, or anything – but you can only move at a sprinting pace (say a five minute mile pace – i.e. it’d take you 885 years to sprint to the sun, 235million years to reach Proxima Centuri)

And what if we allowed instant teleportation for option two?

2 thoughts on “Slingshot Links and a Hypothetical

  • 4/29/2011 at 4:18 pm

    If by “universe” you include anyplace on earth, I’d go that way for sure. With my new powers of near invincibility, I bet I could raise a lot of startup capital by putting on a really long hunger strike on top of Mt. Everest in nothing but swim trunks (I bet you 100$ I can do it! I’ll say to a bunch of people)

    Plus I have a hard time not doing anything for like 5 minutes, I think after 885 years I’d be ready to jump in front of the nearest asteroid.

  • 5/2/2011 at 7:18 am

    So, by “move at a sprinting pace”, do you mean that you actually have to SPRINT everywhere in the universe? Runners forgive me for this, but that sounds like absolute torture. Forget it.

    With instantaneous transportation, though – sign me up!


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