Jazzy Sunday

Sunday evening, I joined up with Kevin, Carl, and two of their coworkers (hi Robyn and Jill!) to go to Arti Dixon’s HOPE gala. Arti’s goal was to raise money and collect food for local shelters all the while entertaining the masses with awesome Jazz as performed by some of the local professionals. These local professionals included my guitar teacher Tony, Kevin’s drum teacher Arti, and Carl’s bass teacher Mike.

The music? Amazing. The music was organized into different sections, first a big band, then a small jazz ensemble, jazz with tap dancing, some sweet tunes featuring a few vocalists, another tap feature, and then a funk band.

Holy Moly, it was amazing.

I took some video of one of the tap dancing displays. Arti Dixon brought his snare to the front of the stage, and the two would go back and forth. The tap dancer would rock some impossible tap, and then Arti would try and mimic it on his snare. Enjoy:

Arti Dixon’s HOPE gala. from mikedidonato on Vimeo.

If you didn’t notice, Arti ended the rivalry by stomping his foot – Ha! Brilliant!

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