My Vacation, Part I


I’m back from a weekend adventure through Philly and Baltimore. I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with SarahLyla, my sister Theresa, and Jobonga. I have highlights aplenty!

First, the sad news:

1. My SLR camera is busted. I have sent it in for repairs, but the quality of photo over the next few weeks is going to pale in comparison to the glory of months past. So prepare yourself for sensory mediocrity.

2. I missed Saturday’s Roller Derby bout. So if you’re zipping through looking for masterful literary dramatizations of hard hits and furious falls, I’m afraid that I have nothing for you. However, I encourage you to stick around! There’s plenty of fun to be had.

On to the updates!


While I have plenty to say about Cheese-Steaks, piano bars, and the beautiful buildings of the Haverford area, I think we’ll all be far more interested in SarahLyla and my Words With Friends impressive accomplishment.

There’s a Scrabble-esque application for iphones and itouches that allows you to play a variation of Scrabble. There are a handful of differences: board layout, letter distribution, and point values that might make scrabble purists cringe. But I assure you, it’s a heap of fun.

SarahLyla and I have been working together to try and reach specific Words With Friends goals. Take a look.


Oh man! Look at those words! BOMBAZINE, HEEHAWING, SEMIQUAVERS!

Now take a look at the score. It should be noted that each of those 9-10 letter words was around 500 points. This was made possible through the usage of two triple word scores that reside 9 letters apart – a distance that makes their combination unlikely without teamwork.

When SarahLyla broke 1000 points the score went from epic to ellipse.


We e-mailed the people at Words With Friends with a complaint. No word back yet on whether they will fix it and start displaying full scores over 1000.

One thought on “My Vacation, Part I

  • 3/3/2011 at 9:53 pm

    I wish there was a way to replay the game in video form.


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