Movie Before and After

Recently I was perusing reddit, as I often do, and I came across a hilarious game called Movie Before and After.

It goes like this. I take two movies and mash the plots up together. You then need to identify the movies. To help you out, the last word of the first movie is the first word of the second movie.

For example (from reddit)
A roomful of average New Yorkers is ready to convict a young man of murder, until two well dressed intelligence agents kill a bunch of sometimes comical aliens.

Answer: 12 Angry Men in Black
(highlight for the answer)

On Friday night after a delicious meal, Vivienne, Jesse, Kevin, and I worked together to make up an awesome list of our own Movie Before and Afters to share with you.

SO this whole week, starting tomorrow (Monday) I will post a couple of these each day. I am automatically scheduling the posts for 9:30am EST.


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