Weekend Update

And…. we’re back. I hope everyone enjoyed their labor day break.

Notable occurrences over the holiday weekend:

1. I now have an iphone
2. Shaun and I concluded the Battlestar Galactica series
3. I visited the Barcelona restaurant for the first time with Darcy and SarahLyla
4. The HoR has left its temporary status as a work zone, and returns to fairly clean living space
5. My first trad climbing experience of the summer went down with Pete Wilk (I’m embarrassed that it took so long for me to get outside this year)
6. I have tasted a cake so potent with chocolate that it invaded my dreams

Climbing pictures will probably post tonight or tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  • 9/7/2010 at 10:28 am

    Your description alone may cause that cake to invade my dreams as well. Did you get a recipe?

    • 9/7/2010 at 10:36 am

      Yes, in fact, I adopted the role of sous-chef to my cook-tastic friend Vivienne for this cake adventure.

      I’ll link to some pictures and the recipe once I snag them from Viv.

      Note: Blanching Hazelnuts is not remotely fun.

      • 9/7/2010 at 11:04 am

        Were you blanching to remove the skins? We did that once or twice and is now an activity I avoid at all costs usually trying to convince myself that “it wont’ matter” to the taste or quality of the finished goods (which is usually not exactly true).

        What did you think abou the BG ending? I loved it!

        • 9/7/2010 at 11:44 am

          Yes, the blanching was to remove the skins. They definitely tasted better sans skin… but ugh ugh. What annoyingly slow labor.

          BSG: Mixed. I was disappointed with the paltry realization of the Opera House visions – so much build up for so little pay off! But overall, I greatly enjoyed the series.


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