Review: Rug Doctor

Last night I rented a Rug Doctor from Lowes. The Rug Doctor is a rug shampoo machine designed for home use. It was about $25 bucks to rent the machine for 24 hrs, and another $19 for a giant bottle of rug doctor rug cleaner that will last… probably forever.

At first glance, the equipment looked fairly complicated.

I hastily flipped through the how-to pamphlet, quickly gave up, plugged it in, and went for it. Thankfully they had little warning stickers everywhere: “DON’T POUR ANYTHING IN HERE!” screamed a bright yellow sticker on the Doctor’s discharge cannister.

It turns out it’s pretty straight forward. 1/2 Cup of rug cleaner per gallon of water. Pour in, turn on, hit the spray button, drag across floor.

It worked great! Not flawless, but much better than even the best of dry vacuums. Carpet shampooing is a rare event at the HoR so I really took my time. I used the equipment for maybe an hour and a half and cleaned 3 rooms.

Added bonus: that carpet cleaner smells great. The rugs at the HoR now radiate the faint smell of flowers*

Overall, I would rate this product strongly. It’s effective and easy to use. Way to go Rug Doctor!

*manly flowers.

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  • 9/1/2010 at 4:27 pm

    The Paulsens love the Rug Doctor!


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