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When the most exciting part of my week is my chair, I probably shouldn’t be blogging.   So instead of droning on about my various sitting strategies and their impact on cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal disorders, I asked a few of my regular readers what they thought I should blog about today.  Here are the results:

Zoar – not much to say here.  She’s a master of the universe – also she can turn into a bird.  Personally, I find Frosta hotter.

Sandcastle adventures (2 requests)- This Sunday starting at 5:30am a sandcastle will be built on Cape Cod.  While there may only be two of us digging (Ryan Schenk and I) there’s still great potential.  We often attack the Cape Cod Sandcastle with a strategy.  This year is no different.  Previously, we’ve maxed out with an 8 foot monster – but that took an insane amount of shovel power.  This year, I think I’d like to do a long castle.  Maybe only six feet tall, but with a long 4 foot peak.  Yes, that would be wild.

Tips to be a better employee – For those of you using Chrome, try StayFocused.  It’s a Chrome extension that monitors your internet usage locally.  You can set a time limit for any sites that you think you might visit too frequently (nytimes, reddit, etc).  This site limits the cumulative time you can spend on any of those sites.  If you go over your limit, it bans you from visiting them.   I have mine set to 30 minutes/day.  Obviously, you should not ban

Chelsea Clinton – All politics aside, I’ve been impressed with how Chelsea went from braces burdened white house teen who often was the butt of jokes to an elegant lady.  Her hair styles alone has gone from drab to fab.

Chair update (2 requests)- wow.  a few people actually want another chair update.  Well, I’m still chairless.  And I’ve learned that if I move around too much on the exerball I give myself a wedgie.  TMI?  maybe.

5 iphone aps I’d like to see – hmm.  This is tough as I don’t yet have an iphone (though perhaps I’ll have one soon… bwa ha ha).   What I CAN tell you is that the popular Plants vs Zombie’s ap just came out with an update that includes 12 new achievements.  Get at it zombie killers.

The New Kindle – My only regret is that mine is not as awesome nor as affordable as this new one.  Sadly, this is the life of fastly advancing technology.   I strongly encourage everyone buy kindles because reading is fun and books are old fashioned.

Bomb sniffing rats –  it’s true.  They smell out bombs.

MSPaint – Andrew requested an MSPaint.  Tony E. requested this scenario: batman and spiderman at a junior prom.  Admittedly, I didn’t really spend much time on the drawing – there’s no background and spidey’s head is weirdly shaped.

I bet you can provide a better dialog.

My thought here is that you could probably provide better dialog.  If you have a recommendation, include it in the comments!

And there we have it.  Thanks to all of those folks who offered recommendations for today’s post!

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  • 8/1/2010 at 9:41 pm

    Here’s the thing – they keep training dogs, rats, possibly other animals to sniff out bombs. To my knowledge, they’ve yet to sniff out a real explosive anywhere in the world. While I don’t think we should abandon these efforts entirely, I think a much better use of our time would be to train some of these animals to sniff out something much more useful, such as rare earth mineral deposits, oil sources, or submarine sandwiches.


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