Probably not as he had planned.

On Saturday night Shaun, Darcy, Viv, and I went to Karaoke. One particularly obnoxious dude kept approaching the singers with somewhat untraditional dance moves showing complete disregard to their personal space – “getting all up in their grill” as Shaun put it. The uncomfortable man approached our table. We’ll call him Chad.

Chad: Hey guys. you singing tonight? what are your names?
Shaun: I’m Shaun.
Darcy: Darcy.
Vivienne: Vivienne.
Mike D: Mike D.
Chad: Sweet sweet. Darcy Vivienne, come on up and dance!
Darcy (shaking her head no): It’s not you, it’s me.

Wow. Responding to a weak pick up line with a break-up line.


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