Travel Buddies.

This next month is going to be rife with travel for the D. While some of the details are still up in the air, the general impression is schedule oppression. Let’s take a gander.

Our adventure starts in lovely Detroit. Coworker Pete and I will be arriving Wednesday evening and then driving west to Grand Rapids – a city on the shoreline of the Grand River which frankly doesn’t seem very rapid. We’ll be staying there for three or four days returning late Friday or Saturday night: hopefully in time for CT Karaoke. After a relaxing day at home, I’m off to Paris for the first week of June where I’ve been given the assignment to seek out and enjoy Laduree and Angelina’s.

I arrive home from Paris on June 4th. Jet lagged and weary, I should be ready for my black belt test on June 6th. Then, either on June 8th or June 18th I’ll be headed out to Venezuela. With four days of terrestrial paradise under my belt, I will either zip back to CT or hop over to Colombia for a week. If the travel schedule works out, I might stop by South Dakota on the way home to CT.


During all this talk of travel, Jill recommended that perhaps I get a travel forum together on

The idea being that if you were traveling somewhere fun you could post it in the forum and if other users are headed in the same direction or live nearby we can have an awesome get together. On Jon Abad’s recommendation, I downloaded a plugin called BuddyPress. It’ll still take quite a bit of work to get together, but hopefully we’ll see said forum appear soon.

I’m not sure how it’ll all come together. But here’s hopin’ it’ll be easy.

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