Dinner at Darcy’s

Darcy’s deep within her pursuit of a medical degree, switching in and out of exhausting rotations. Yet on Saturday night she had a break in the madness so we got together to share some dinner and good times.

Darcy, having recently started receiving Cooking Light (the magazine), made an elaborate lamb sauce pasta dish with a salad side. Take a moment to appreciate the glory:

delicious dinner by darcy

That’s ricotta cheese and mint garnish atop a heap of mouthwatering deliciousness. This hearty dinner replaced every bit of wanting hunger with satisfaction. Well done Darce!

We followed our meal with the movie Helvetica, a documentary exploring the origin and influence of the font Helvetica. This is pretty much the movie of choice for typography enthusiasts. For me, the movie very strongly presented the question: should a font act as a transparent messenger for the words it portrays, or should a font add emotion, color, and significance to the content?

Thanks to Darcy for a wonderful time.

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