Rock vs. Jazz

Pete Wilk had a really great comment about the rock-less nature of the solo that I posted yesterday.

“Sounds cool and mellow to me, but WHERE’S THE ROCK!”

It’s true. That solo was decidedly not rock.

Why focus on jazz? The plan here is for me to develop a mastery of the finer nuances of music theory and then crank the distortion and melt the faces of the world population.

At a recent Jazz show my roommate Kevin said it best regarding percussion styles, though the same holds true for guitar (paraphrased):

“I think the differences between rock and jazz drumming are similar to the differences between algebra and calculus.”

Once I get my jazz integral on, you can bet your natural exponent that I will determinant the crap out of your rocktangular matrix.

One thought on “Rock vs. Jazz

  • 2/25/2010 at 1:12 pm

    What if you used jazz drumming in a rock song? Would it then be known as rock drumming? That said, you can find a lot of ridiculously creative drumming in rock if you venture off the beaten path.


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