New Fu Date.

This Saturday is my new Kung Fu black belt pre-test date. I’m pretty nervous and will likely spend much of this week trying to nail down specific elusive maneuvers. It’s kind of exciting that 5 years of efforts are nearing their culmination. I still have a lot of work to do before the final test. After this test I will be presented with a lengthy list of things I need to touch up and improve. Some things I’m already aware of: I lack horse stance endurance and I need to improve some of my sparring techniques.

I’m not sure how much time will pass between my pre-test and the final test. Usually it’s 3-6 months, though I want to make sure that I feel personally confident with my skills so I may ask for more time if I think I need it. I want to make sure that this black belt has a lot of meaning behind it.

At least for now, the real test still seems far enough away so that I can still make dramatic improvements to my fitness and my finesse.

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