The Michael Cleary Band.

My good friend Jedd Chlebowski is a bass player extraordinaire and he’s looking for some help from the masses. His band is in a contest as they try to get the opportunity to play the Foxwoods theme song.

This is a huge opportunity. If you’re willing to help, click here and vote for the Michael Cleary Band, for which Jedd plays bass. To vote, you’ll have to sign up… which might turn a bunch of you off. But if you’re willing… awesome. (if you do sign up, don’t bother putting in the cell phone number, it’s not necessary)

Thanks, and good luck Jedd!

UPDATE: I confused the prize of the contest, but it’s been fixed

One thought on “The Michael Cleary Band.

  • 1/15/2010 at 12:03 pm

    Okay sir, you’re a Chlebowski, I’m a Chlebowski, that’s terrific, but I’m very busy, as I can imagine you are.


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