Tuesday is for Bruises

David’s victory against Goliath had nothing to do with bravery. Sure, David was physically outmatched but he had projectile weaponry. Of course he won.

Unfortunately, projectile weaponry tends to be frowned upon in my Kung Fu sparring class.

This creates a problem for me when I spar Brian the 6’5″ (1.98 meters) bear. With quads as wide as railroad ties and biceps like bowling balls, Brian defines intimidation. He consistently removes the ‘take’ from ‘give and take’ and happily pummels you for each two minute sparring match.

Last night, I had my moment. As usual, I was backed up in a corner trying to escape the freight train that is his musculature. I was doing everything I could to block his crushing blows. Finally he broadcasted a left hook and I was able to spin underneath and deliver a sharp hook to his ribs.


I’d like to say that he faltered and stepped back to catch his breath. That the surprise in his eyes betrayed his true fear. That with his rhythm disrupted it was all he do to back away in retreat.

But a hero’s story this is not.

Instead, Brian nonchalantly returned to his role as Cassius Clay and I to my role as Sonny Liston.


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