A note from reader Jill

Long time reader Jill sent me over the following request for those of you in the Boston area! Check it out:

I am part of a small film collaborative called Charles River Swimming and Diving. We are in the midst of filming a detective/film noir spoof for CCTV (Cambridge Community Television) and need a few extras for this weekend. Extras will need to provide their own costume, that being ironic hipster ensembles for attending a dark, ironic hipster bar.

Saturday, 5 December
“Bar” Scene
stand around, drink beer (provided gratis!) and listen to a sweet band
pizza will also be provided for your efforts

Sunday, 6 December
Mean Streets of Cambridge Scene
stand around, look surly and ironic

Each shoot will last a few hours and will take place in the Central Square area of Cambridge. If you are interested and can commit, please pass your contact details through Mike D and I will follow up with location details. Much obliged!

You can e-mail me for further details at mikedidonato AT gmail D0T com


One thought on “A note from reader Jill

  • 12/5/2009 at 1:28 am

    All I read was “free beer.”
    Quick math! How much $ in beer can I drink vs. how much gas it takes to drive to Boston and back!….


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