Earth’s Rings.

When I read about this animation of what it’d be like if Earth had Saturn’s rings, I thought it’d be pretty stupid. But in fact, it’s fun to watch and very thought provoking.

I came up with some fun thought exercises of my own given this celestial setup:

What percentage of time would the rings block out the sun, and would that have a dramatic impact on plant life, animal sleep cycles, and evolution?

How much more quickly would we have realized that the Earth is not flat? Would Leprechauns’ pots of gold be at the bottom of the rings instead of rainbows?

The video only shows the lighted side of the rings, the other side would be dark. How strange it would be when at the winter and summer equinox your view of the rings would change from bright to dark or vice-versa. weeeird.

Given this oddity, how would rings have influenced the development of religions in general? Would they have developed differently depending on each culture’s latitude?

Cool stuff.

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