A Movie Must

Right now I’m lounging in Portland, Oregon enjoying some down time before my return to CT on a red eye late tonight. My visit has been very relaxing. The highlight might very well have been a movie that Sarah recommended called Elling. It’s a really charming Norwegian film about two mentally handicapped fellows trying to grow accustomed to living on their own. The characters have such depth and are portrayed very honestly.

I’m hoping to get the film club (Schuyler, Darce, Viv, and Shaun) together next weekend to watch the film and make some really delicious food. I strongly strongly recommend this film. Interestingly enough, the entire film is available on youtube. So if you find yourself with 89 minutes to spare, go here and enjoy.

(side note: weird that the whole movie is available on youtube, Sarah and I wonder if there are other fun movies available online. We will explore and report back)

Another huge highlight was last night’s dinner. Sarah, Naomi, and I had Alicia and Dwane over for a feast of sorts. We made stuffed cabbage, asparagus, and a glorious artichoke parmesan stuffing. With the apple pie that Alicia and Dwane brought over I think it’s safe to say that no one went hungry.

I’m really pleased with our chefery.

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  • 11/18/2009 at 10:26 am

    I think last weekend was especially blessed foodwise. Tom and I had great food too. Sunday night I made paremsean crusted chicken, with the paremesean we brought home from Italy. It was amazing.


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