Three conversations/statements

1. Kevin makes some dinner

Carl: Kevin, this meal you made is really delicious
Kevin: What do you guys think of the meat?
Others: It’s really great!
Kevin: That’s good. The meat’s from July.

2. Carl wakes up Eric who crashed on the couch at the HoR

Carl: Hey Eric wake up.


Carl: Hey Eric.


Carl: Wake up Eric.
Eric: unnnnng
Carl: Eric, I just wanted to let you know it’s 7:15
Eric: huh?
Carl: It’s 7:15.
Eric: Thanks?

Eric rolls over to fall back asleep.
Note: At no time did Eric ever request to be woken up at any particular time.

3. Jesse sends me an instant message

Jesse: no lie, I’m in Delaware
Jesse: whaaaa?

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