Pizza Roll Pizza!

Yesterday, Shaun and I decided to cook some pizza for dinner. We do this somewhat regularly, but last night’s dish was special.

Shaun had the clever idea of topping our pizza with Pizza Rolls.


It’d be like some weird meta-pizza. Pizza, with pizza as a topping. Recursive pizza? We thought about also adding a frozen pizza, but we didn’t want to go crazy.

I started with my standard dough:
add a tablespoon of yeast to a cup of warm (105 degree F) water and let it sit for 5 minutes
after five min, add the yeast mixture to about 3 cups of flour, a 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and a splash of olive oil.

Turn the kitchen aid mixer onto speed 2 with the dough hook.

After 15 minutes, add more flour if you need it, and put into a greased bowl to rise.

Meanwhile, Shaun was busy making a sauce


This sauce was a can of crushed tomatoes, a healthy spoon of garlic, some olive oil, and some Parmesan cheese.

With the ingredients ready, it was time to make the delicious.

Shaun placing the pizza rolls onto the pizza

14 minutes at 375 and it was ready

Taking the beast out of the oven

And you know? it was pretty good. We got the supreme flavored pizza rolls, and they stuck really nicely to the pie. When biting into a pizza roll, we got an extra juicy explosion of tasty deliciousness. It wasn’t overwhelming, though it probably wasn’t as healthy as say… topping a pizza with broccoli instead.


Overall, a wicked success.


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